Charging Simulations for EV Fleets

How analytic and modeling tools can be used to support electrification
fleet manager running a charging simulation

Are you curious about how analytical and modeling tools can transform the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your electrification projects? In this presentation (part of our webinar titled, Realities in Charging Infrastructure Electric School Bus Operators Roundtable), Meiye Wang, the Lead Data Analyst at The Mobility House, shares insightful details on how we helped the New York City School Bus Umbrella Services (NYCSBUS) navigate and optimize their electrification process.

Faced with the challenge of limited on-site power, NYCSBUS had to determine the optimal number of electric vehicle chargers that could be installed without surpassing the 80 kW power limit. Meiye explains the process of using advanced charge management systems versus traditional methods, ultimately revealing a solution that met NYCSBUS's ambitious electrification goals. Watch the full video to gain valuable insights and practical knowledge for your next electrification project.

Meiye Wang

Lead Data Analyst

The Mobility House

Jeff Sternisha

Customer Success Manager

The Mobility House

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