Introducing the Epic Charging software partnership with The Mobility House to improve the value of EV charging infrastructure

June 26, 2024|Belmont, CA

This collaboration marks a significant step towards creating additional revenue streams from EV charging for municipalities, fleets, and beyond.

Epic Charging partnership with The Mobility House

Belmont, California - June 5, 2024. The Mobility House and Epic Charging announce a partnership that will offer the Epic Pricing Engine integrated with ChargePilot® for municipalities, fleets, and othr customers.

“Electric vehicle charging infrastructure can be an expensive undertaking for organizations, which is why we created Epic Pricing Engine, a payment solution for EV chargers”, said Adrián Gómez, VP of sales and marketing at Epic Charging. “It’s our proven B2B solution to improve the value of EV charging stations for our partners.”

Epic’s powerful pricing engine supports app-free payments, credit card readers, and an optional mobile app. It allows EV charging operators to launch new pricing strategies that increase the value of their investment, such as time-of-use rates, idle fees, tiered pricing, adjustable pre-authorization amounts, and more.

ChargePilot® is the industry-leading EV charge management system, with more than 1,700 fleet charging depots under management worldwide. The Epic Pricing Engine and ChargePilot combined offering now allows customers to open their depot charging stations to employees and public users without restricting access for their fleet drivers.

The combined offering will offer fleet operators lower electricity costs, a new revenue stream, and the opportunity to provide a valuable employee benefit.

“As a pioneer in charge management for fleets, we have always succeeded in meeting and exceeding customer expectations in collaboration with an elite suite of partners such as Epic Charging,” said Sarah Woogen, Head of Product and Delivery for The Mobility House North America. “This new payment feature allows fleet operators to be more versatile in creating additional value streams from their charging infrastructure.”

With the new Epic Pricing Engine software add-on, organizations can set up their EV charging stations as Hybrid Private-Public charging stations. This allows them to choose when to keep the chargers private and when to make them available for other users.

The upgrade is straightforward and can be deployed in as little as 2 weeks on any existing and new EV charging infrastructure. “ChargePilot is an excellent solution for Municipalities and fleet operators that need EV charging stations for critical operations," said Michael Bakunin, CEO of Epic Charging. "With this collaboration, we are excited to offer organizations an opportunity to create more value for their community, employees, and stakeholders."

About Epic Charging

Epic Charging is reshaping transportation as the only B2B e-Mobility SaaS company that is focused on delivering an epic customer experience. Its innovative technology platform is designed to improve user experience while addressing the critical issues of EV Charger uptime and reliability.

About The Mobility House

The goal of The Mobility House is to shape an emission-free energy and mobility future. We integrate vehicle batteries into the power grid using intelligent charging and energy solutions. The technology company was founded in 2009 and operates globally from its sites in Munich, Zurich, Paris, Singapore and Belmont (CA). As a neutral supplier, we work together with charging equipment manufacturers, installation companies, back-end system operators, energy suppliers and automobile manufacturers. Our proprietary EV Aggregation Platform forms the technological foundation for our intelligent charging and energy management system, ChargePilot ®, and the smart charging tariff, beyond, that makes charging affordable while also stabilizing the power grids and markets.