New York City School Bus Electrification Project Wins 2024 “Transportation Power Player” Award

May 06, 2024|Belmont, CA

The award, presented by Smart Electric Power Alliance, recognizes the project for its innovation, collaboration, and scalability.

SEPA Power Player Awards - The Mobility House

Photo courtesy of SEPA: Garret Fitzgerald (left) and Sheri Givens from SEPA (right) presented The Mobility House with the 2024 Transportation Power Player award.

Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) recognized “Electrifying School Buses in the Bronx” with the 2024 Power Player of the Year award in the Transportation category. ESBB is a groundbreaking project led by New York City School Bus Umbrella Services (NYCSBUS) and its partners to put 25 zero emissions buses into service for the community with advanced smart charging technology and educational benefits for school bus operators and districts across the region. 

As the technical lead on the project, The Mobility House accepted the award at the 2024 Power Players Awards ceremony in Coronado, CA, hosted by SEPA, on behalf of NYCSBUS and project partners including World Resources Institute, CALSTART, Bronx Community College, New York League of Conservation Voters and South Bronx Unite.  

"NYCSBUS’s Zerega Depot is a great example of a project that represents how the electrification of school bus fleets can benefit communities everywhere. We are proud to be involved in the project, and grateful for its recognition as the Transportation Power Player of the Year."

Greg Hintler, CEO,

The Mobility House North America

The project demonstrates an innovative and replicable technological approach to quickly and efficiently implement electric school bus charging at a power-constrained site. With the use of data-driven analysis and the application of automated load management (ALM) technology, NYCSBUS can now charge up to 17 buses at the Zerega depot, with 268 kW total nameplate charger capacity installed at a site where the maximum load limit prescribed by the utility provider is only 80 kW. This is the first time an ALM oversubscribed site has been implemented in ConEd’s service territory. 

Without the use of ALM, NYCBUS would have only had power capacity for 7 buses for the site. This project demonstrates the technology's effectiveness in optimizing available utility infrastructure and easing the installation of electric bus charging equipment. 

"As a nonprofit bus operator, we have a commitment to pursue innovation in busing, including the implementation of advanced technologies to support zero emissions vehicles to benefit our drivers and the communities we serve. We are proud to have our electrification project recognized for its impact."

Matt Berlin, CEO,

New York City Schools Bus Umbrella Services (NYCSBUS)

"This project exemplifies the commitment to clean energy leadership and innovation that is needed to progress a carbon-free energy future, and SEPA is honored to recognize NYCSBUS, The Mobility House, and the entire project team’s achievements at this year's Power Players awards ceremony. We received 124 nominations for all of the award categories this year, making this transportation award a significant achievement."

Sheri Givens, President and CEO,


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