Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE)

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The Mobility House delivered simulations for municipalities that were awarded funds from PCE to help determine optimized charging scenarios.

    Solutions Used: Charging Simulations

Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), the community-led electricity provider, has a mission to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its service territory which includes San Mateo County, and shortly, the city of Los Banos. PCE’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2035, 10 years ahead of the state, which Peninsula Clean Energy aims to support through investment in local community programs. Transportation emissions are the most significant challenge to deep decarbonization in San Mateo County. These emissions account for about 50% of direct emissions within the County. 

As part of PCE's Fleet Advisory Program, Clean energy experts Optony tasked The Mobility House with simulating the following constraints and considerations at each facility:  

  • Expected unmanaged charging load per site.
  • Optimal charging schedule and load based on vehicle routes and local utility rate provided by customer.
  • Charging cost estimation for optimal and unmanaged charging.
  • Minimum infrastructure requirements including number, size and number of chargers, and the physical grid interconnection needs.
  • Assessing these factors for multiple phases of electrification over 10+ years, providing an important perspective on scaling up, step-by-step.

Deliverables included: 

  • 15 minute load data per site for a 24h period for both unmanaged and managed charging loads. (1 minute interval data provided when evaluating opportunity charging.) 
  • Charging cost and estimated savings per site with TMH ChargePilot charging and energy management system. 
  • Refinement of recommended charging infrastructure for sites, including charger specs and number of chargers.
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