Customized Solutions

The advantages of ChargePilot for your sector


Benefits for Corporate Fleets

  • Gradually expand charging facilities at any time, combining different charging station manufacturers and types.
  • Make optimal use of existing infrastructure
  • Avoid costly network expansion
  • Bill employees at company location
Vorteile für LogistikflottenVorteile für Logistikflotten

Benefits for Logistics Fleets

  • Charge a large number of electric vehicles simultaneously
  • Align charging processes with departure times
  • Receive error messages about charging processes
  • Monitor charging processes and CO2 savings

Also ideal for Care Services.

Vorteile für Elektrobus-FlottenVorteile für Elektrobus-Flotten

Benefits for Electric Bus Fleets

  • Significantly minimize investment and electricity costs through intelligent control
  • Align operation of electric bus fleets with existing schedules, including target state of charge (SOC) and preconditioning
  • Receive error messages about charging processes
Vorteile für AutohäuserVorteile für Autohäuser

Benefits for the Automotive Industry

  • Use existing network infrastructure and save investment costs
  • Combine different charging station manufacturers and types
  • Gradually expand charging facilities
Vorteile für ImmobilenVorteile für Immobilen

Benefits for Real Estate

  • Increase property value without high network expansion costs
  • Bill tenants for charging services and profit from future revenue potential
  • Stay flexible through modular and hardware agnostic expansion of the charging infrastructure
Vorteile für Hotels und RestaurantsVorteile für Hotels und Restaurants

Benefits for Hotels & Restaurants 

  • Control charging infrastructure with local energy management system
  • Combine different charging station manufacturers and types and gradually expand charging facilities
  • Bill charging processes of your guests in compliance with calibration laws
Benefits for Utilities & Energy ProvidersBenefits for Utilities & Energy Providers

Benefits for Utilities & Energy Providers

  • Benefit from our know-how in charging and energy management
  • Serve the needs of a wide variety of customer groups through modular product offering
  • Use charging stations as controllable loads via OpenADR, ripple control or smart meter gateway
Vorteile für Hotels und RestaurantsVorteile für Hotels und Restaurants

Benefits for Electricians & Installers

  • Profit from attractive partner conditions and partner services
  • Maximum flexibility in procurement and distribution due to a continuously growing number of integrated charging station manufacturers
  • Modular design allows adaptation to changing customer requirements at any time

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ChargePilot is the solution for your business model!

  • Integrate ChargePilot into your existing infrastructure as a white-label solution or through standard interfaces.
  • Partner access with alert messages for full control over charging points
  • Exclusive service offers from The Mobility House for you and your customers, e.g. implementation support

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