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You want to electrify your fleet?

Operating charging infrastructure efficiently with ChargePilot

We are there for you along the way to electrification: from the planning stage through to installation and operation of an individual charging solution.

Whether you would like to control your charging stations remotely, bill charging processes or manage your energy consumption in a reliable and cost-optimized way - ChargePilot, our intelligent Charging and Energy Management, is the ideal system for operating your charging infrastructure.

ChargePilot Customer Journey - Electric vehiclesChargePilot Customer Journey - Electric vehicles
ChargePilot - Customer Journey - ConsultingChargePilot - Customer Journey - Consulting
ChargePilot Customer Journey - Charging StationsChargePilot Customer Journey - Charging Stations
ChargePilot Customer Journey - InstallationChargePilot Customer Journey - Installation
ChargePilot Customer Journey ChargePilot Customer Journey

Starter Kit 

The basis for your charging and energy management. The ChargePilot Starter Kit is based on the Smart Charging Controller, which is installed locally at your site. It is complemented by powerful accessories.
You can flexibly adapt the hardware to your needs with individual software packages.
ADAC study: ChargePilot convinces as an open system for business applicationsADAC study: ChargePilot convinces as an open system for business applications

ADAC study: ChargePilot convinces as an open system for business applications

In an independent study by the General German Automobile Association (ADAC) from October 2020, ChargePilot scores as an open load management system for business applications. The study focused on use cases where several electric cars need to be charged simultaneously.

In particular, ChargePilot convinced the ADAC experts with its reliable algorithm for charging optimization, the compatibility with AC and DC charging stations and its hardware agnostic, open interfaces.

Let’s talk about ChargePilot if…

… you would like to charge several electric vehicles at the same time.

To ensure optimal distribution of power, it is recommended to use a charging and energy management system if three or more electric vehicles will be charged at the same time. ChargePilot optimizes when to charge each vehicle and how much, which allows more vehicles to be charged with your existing grid connection. You can easily monitor all charging processes via the ChargePilot web portal.

… you would like to use your existing grid connection to charge electric vehicles.

Existing grid connections are usually not sufficient to charge more than three electric vehicles at the same time. Costs for network expansion or expensive peak loads quickly diminish the advantages of electric vehicles. The solution: ChargePilot. The system optimally distributes the available power to all connected vehicles, enabling even large fleets to be charged with the available grid connection. This reduces upfront and ongoing costs for charging.

… you don’t want to get locked in with one charging station manufacturer.

New charging station manufacturers and types are emerging quickly in this nascent electric mobility industry. It has yet to be seen which players will establish themselves in the market. In order to remain flexible, it is important to choose a system today that is compatible with different charging stations. ChargePilot can interact with several manufacturers and charger types through standard OCA communication protocols. Regardless of the charging infrastructure you choose, you will be prepared for future mobility requirements.

… you would like to combine intelligent charging with existing systems at your site.

You already have an energy management system, a billing tool, or a photovoltaic system? ChargePilot connects to almost any system via standard communication protocols such as Modbus. Existing programs and processes can thus be retained. You avoid a time-consuming changeover and you can leverage all ChargePilot benefits.

… you would like to bill for charging.

Just like when refueling at the gas station, charging electric vehicles incurs costs. However, charging the right driver or vehicle with the correct rate is a challenge. With ChargePilot, billing for charging and settling costs with users is transparent and simple.

How ChargePilot works

How you benefit

Our Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot is...

Our Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot & localOur Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot & local

secure & local

The locally installed system guarantees maximum data security and full performance even if the Internet connection is interrupted.

Our Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot is...independentOur Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot is...independent

independent & compatible

Don’t get locked with a certain manufacturer for charging stations. Combine ChargePilot with other systems via standardized interfaces.

Our Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot is...modular & scalableOur Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot is...modular & scalable

modular & scalable

Integrate new charging stations and modules when they are needed, regardless of your fleet size.

Our Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot is...simple & intuitiveOur Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot is...simple & intuitive

simple & intuitive

Control your charging infrastructure easily and intuitively via the ChargePilot Web Portal. Control and manage your charging stations conveniently from a distance.

Our Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot is...innovative & visionaryOur Charging and Energy Management ChargePilot is...innovative & visionary

innovative & visionary

Benefit from automatic updates and be prepared for the technologies of tomorrow: Plug & Charge, V2H, V2G and more.

Interested? We are looking forward to advising you on how you can benefit from ChargePilot.

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