Webinar: Charging with Solar

How to Integrate EV Fleets with DERs

We've reached a pivotal moment in technological development where zero-emissions energy and mobility are not just feasible but also cost-effective. Companies and institutions are increasingly adopting sustainable practices by redesigning their operations to be more eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and resilient. However, the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) presents unique challenges, particularly for fleet operators, as they face increased power demands. 


This webinar is designed for fleet managers and facilities managers who are interested in closely integrating new technologies like EVs, solar power, and battery storage. Effective communication between these technologies is crucial to ensure they support and enhance each other. 


Join us to explore the benefits of integrating EV charging with distributed energy resources (DERs) and gain a comprehensive understanding of the technical considerations involved. Learn from the expertise of NV5 and AlphaStruxure as they share their experiences working on both public and private sector projects. They will cover real-world examples of successful implementations, moving beyond theoretical discussions to provide you with practical, actionable insights. 

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Elizabeth Hughes

Sales & Applications Engineer

The Mobility House

Tom Williard

Vice President – Clean Energy


Maeve Lawniczak

Project Manager



EV Fleets & DER Integration

Key Considerations for Coordinating Charging With Solar, Storage, and Other Energy Resources

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