EV Fleets + DER Integration

Key Considerations for Coordinating Charging With Solar, Storage, and Other Energy Resources
DER Illustation

Optimize the resilience, sustainability, and cost savings of your energy and charging systems with integrated engineering.

Unlock the complementary powers of EV charging and DERs such as energy generation and storage. Our DER Whitepaper is a high level overview designed to guide you through the many considerations that factor into integrating electric vehicle (EV) charging systems with Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) like solar and battery energy storage systems (BESS).

Discover how to achieve ambitious sustainability goals, enhance resilience, and optimize energy costs. Integrate sophisticated control systems for EV charging and reap benefits that will propel you towards a more sustainable future.

In this whitepaper, you will discover:

  • How integrated communication between DERs and EV chargers can be a game-changer
  • Strategies for designing systems to meet project objectives
  • Real world case studies of project implementations, including RIPTA's unique backup generator ALM solution, and Maryland DOT’s Brookville Microgrid bus depot

Download the full whitepaper now to get the latest industry intelligence on the technology and design behind integrated EV charging and energy systems.

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