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Offer your customers the most innovative electric tariff on the market.

Charge the smart way and save money

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Offer your customers smart charging at home at the lowest possible cost and enable them to make a valuable contribution to the energy transition. We provide you with the technology that makes efficient use of the times when electric cars are not in use.

This is because eyond Partner schedules battery charging during periods when the electricity price is low – when there is ample or even surplus renewable energy available, for example. eyond Partner optimizes the procurement of energy volumes on several markets, achieving maximum savings in the process. However, your customers’ mobility needs always come first. Both unidirectional (V1G) and bidirectional (V2G) charging are possible.

The following companies and business partners are already placing their trust in our technologies
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Enjoy the following benefits

Satisfied customers – guaranteed

with transparency and cost control over their battery charging.

Quick market entry

with technology that is prepared for tomorrow today.

Gain a competitive edge

with smart electricity tariffs and an app that are both one of a kind on the market.

Become an industry pioneer

with an image as an innovative company.

Secure a multitude of benefits for your customers

Cut charging costs

They save up to 250 € a year on charging by allowing us to handle flexibility commercialization.

Enjoy convenience

They can conveniently convert the time that electric cars are not in use into cost-optimized charging time – thanks to the easy-to-use app.

Green charging

They can integrate their very own solar panel installation into the charging process without any need whatsoever for special hardware. For even greater savings thanks to green energy.

Be futureproof

They are perfectly prepared for and benefit from new technologies such as Vehicle-to-Grid with eyond Partner.

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eyond Partner’s fab features

eyond is a smart electricity tariff plan including an app for private drivers of electric cars. Customers can use a smart charging app to conveniently and easily determine their electric vehicles’ target state of charge and departure time. We optimize the charging process in the background. They collect bonus points (FlexCoins) for each flexible charging process. In other words, the greater the flexibility, the greater the savings made during charging.

We offer various options for eyond Partner: we can act as an energy supplier, or you can handle the energy supply yourself. You can also decide how you would like to make the app available to your customers: with our design, as a co-branded solution, as a white-label service, or integrated into your own app.

eyond multiplier background operations

What happens in the background?

FlexibilityAggregator aggregates the storage capacity and charging power of the individual electric vehicles. In other words, it pools them to create a virtual powerhouse and makes them available to FlexibilityTrader. The aggregated flexibility is traded on the power and energy markets through FlexibilityTrader. Using this as a basis, we shift the customers’ charging processes to more advantageous times. Not only does this cut electricity costs for customers, but it also increases the integration of renewable energies into the energy system, maximizing the battery’s added value.

Chart: Trading on different energy markets

Why us


We are pioneers in commercializing EV batteries, and we market charging flexibility across multiple markets to maximize profits.


We provide our expertise with smart electricity tariffs, flexibility commercialization and app development. This means that we offer you a short time-to-market and lower development costs.


You decide to what extent you would like to use our technology as part of your portfolio. The electricity tariff plan and app can be customized to suit your requirements. All the while, we continue operating in the background as flexibility commercializer.


You can even use eyond Partner as part of our 360° range. This is where we combine charging infrastructure with smart charging solutions.

You can always count on us

Target group and requirements

Offer eyond Partner to your customers

A technology for all private drivers of electric cars who…

…own an electric vehicle

that is compatible with the app. By optimizing charging, you can support the expansion of renewable energies and generate savings at the same time.

…have a wallbox at home

and stable cellphone reception at the parking space. These are basic requirements.

…would like to use an innovative electricity rate plan

that is attractive to both new and existing customers.

…would prefer to install a smart metering system

to harness the full potential of eyond. 

Go eyond. For both your business and your customers.

We look forward to your inquiry.

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Is your industry interested in eyond Partner?

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Our success stories that are writing the future

Mobilize Logo

Vehicle-to-Grid with eyond and Mobilize

Together with Mobilize – the Renault Group’s mobility brand – we are launching Europe’s first Vehicle-to-Grid range for end customers on the market.

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February 16, 2024

The Mobility House advances the future of energy storage, exceeding the 100-megawatt milestone
  • The Mobility House surpasses the 100-megawatt mark, strengthening its market leadership as an independent energy storage marketer.  
  • Two additional innovative energy storage projects set new standards in sustainable energy supply.
  • Years of refined marketing algorithms and data analyses secure technological leadership. 

February 14, 2024

Boosting innovation trough collaboration: The Mobility House supports energy providers in developing new charging tariffs
  • The intelligent energy product, eyond Partner by The Mobility House, enables energy providers to quickly offer a charging tariff and strengthen customer loyalty. 
  • Energy providers benefit from the technology company's extensive experience in aggregating and marketing electric vehicle batteries. 
  • End customers can reduce electricity bills by up to 400 euros per year through eyond Partner. 
  • Several energy providers are already persuaded by eyond Partner. 

February 09, 2024

The Mobility House markets large-scale and industrial battery storages for third parties
  • The Mobility House takes on the marketing of stationary storages for third parties in the European ancillary services and energy markets. 
  • Based on the trading algorithms optimized since 2015 and multi-market optimization, above-average profits can be achieved. 
  • With this new service, The Mobility House expands its battery marketing offering beyond car manufacturers to include installed or planned large-scale and industrial storage facilities.